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      Spectrum management solutions

      From spectrum sharing to frequency engineering, we can help you manage spectrum and boost network capacity

      As wireless network demands skyrocket with the proliferation of 4G and the imminent arrival of 5G networks, spectrum is more precious than gold. Squeezing every last efficiency from your network’s spectrum strategy has become a business-critical priority—while maintaining complete regulatory compliance in the process.

      Comsearch?, a CommScope company, has been on the leading edge of spectrum management, point-to-point backhaul design and FCC licensing since 1977. Always anticipating, we've helped develop the industry standard for microwave interference analysis and are trusted as an expert for mitigation processes and procedures, including:

      Comsearch expertise and CommScope innovation combine to deliver breakthrough spectrum management solutions that can give your wireless network the capacity advantage it needs to compete and succeed.

      Ride Sharing, House Sharing, and Now Spectrum Sharing

      Check out this blog to learn more about spectrum sharing in the 3.5 GHz band.

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      Spectrum management

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