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      Solutions for large venues

      Support complex, high-traffic locations with simple, scalable network technology

      Whether you manage network communications for a stadium, college campus, airport or amusement park, the sheer volume of texts, calls, posts and videos on an average day is enough to choke most ordinary networks.

      Complex challenges demand extraordinary solutions—and that’s precisely what CommScope offers our large-venue customers. For more than 40 years, we've delivered safe, smart and flexible solutions that help you design, manage and optimize complex, large-scale networks. When your public venue requires protected advanced wireless technology, robust connectivity infrastructure or innovative transportation solutions, turn to CommScope.

      From world-class fiber infrastructure to intelligent distributed antenna systems (DAS), we offer end-to-end capacity and connectivity solutions that tackle your toughest obstacles. Our enterprise network solutions are more than secure and reliable—they deploy easily, update simply, operate efficiently and perform well beyond expectations.

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