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      Unlocking the potential of your network’s 5G future begins with a winning densification strategy.
      CommScope has you covered.

      Densification isn’t a single solution or practice, but a new way of thinking about how wireless and wireline networks converge to deliver more performance and efficiency in the 5G age. CommScope has you covered, both in technology and know-how.

      A comprehensive densification strategy touches every part of your network, starting with today’s LTE deployments that form the foundation of 5G potential. CommScope is invested in what’s next, so we can make your LTE-to-5G migration smoother and simpler. Select a topic above to learn more about the areas to consider on your network’s path to 5G.

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      CommScope Intrastructure AcademyCourse: Looking after LTE infrastructure, looking forward to 5G

      This four-lesson training course provides the student with recommended best practice for optimizing LTE infrastructure including technologies such as C-RAN, MIMO and PIM. It also provides an overview of capacity optimization and densification strategies for modern cell networks. Last it provides a look at the 5G future and its impact on the infrastructure.

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